Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Reborn Christian

March 3,2011

I am turning my life around.I am making it my #1 priority to stay on the right path.The right path is the Lord's path.I've been going through some really though times and those times almost made me loose may faith in God.I really really close to giving up my faith and believing in God.Everything that went wrong in my life I blamed God for being the cause of my problems.
Sometimes I would pray to the Lord and ask him to help me get through the situations I was having in my life.
But because my problems I was having was getting worse and worse and I felt that God didn't love me and that he was allowing these problems to continue.After a while I stopped praying and I stopped going to church,I didn't want to have anything to do with God.I had allowed Satan to deter me away from the Lord.This started happening to me in November of 2008 so it was a long time since I had been this way.
After several weeks some of my church members starting calling me and coming by my home.They noticed the change in me and they were concerned.I didn't want to have anything to do with them,but they never gave up.They kept calling me and coming by my house until I finally agreed to talk to them,I explained the situations I was in which was stress on the job,almost losing my home,2 of my closest friends dying within a month apart from each other(they died from cancer),feeling unloved by God,and no interest in living anymore.
I am very proud to announce that by my church members and my family supporting me and talking to me about how God does love me and how God is there when I needed him and how God will work out my problems although my problems might not be handled as quickly as I wanted them handled and how I wanted them handled and that God will help me through my difficult times and also he will help me to deal with the deaths of my 2 closest friends.I have even went to counseling through my church and now I have started going to church more and I have my faith back in the Lord.